Baby formulas are essential for any newborn or infant till they attain a minimum age of 1 year. The baby’s growing years require different nutrients that not meet without a premium quality baby formula. However, it is easy to feel lost among the best baby formulas’ endless options in the market. 

Parents often get blinded by false marketing propaganda and cannot choose the best product for their children. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. 

Best Baby Formulas in Australia 2021

1. NESTLE NAN OPTI PRO 1, Starter 0-6 Months Baby Formula Powder

Nestle Nan Optipro 1, baby formula, is a starter pack for 0-6 months newborn babies. This product manufactures and sold worldwide, and it also ranks as the best seller product. The formula it carries ensures balanced and high nutrients for the infants.

Experience of 150 years as an infant nutrition expertise. Nestle is a brand that keeps getting better day by day. By enhancing their customers’ trust and nurturing us through generations.

Nestle brand not only makes top with its infant product. Also, it makes sure to look after the convenience and hygienic of the product with its perfect packaging format. The tin displays the instruction on how to use the formula for better understanding the prescription as there is a delicacy in baby feeding.

Nestle Nan Optipro is a pro-edible ingredient for newborns with all essential nutrients infused in it. This brand has made an impression from the past 150+ years, and its quality remains unchanged. If your kid can adjust to this formula and doesn’t record any occurrence of lactose-intolerance, there can be no product in this list to replace this item. 

What we liked

Enough infant nutrient

Includes preparation instructions

Competitive pricing

What we disliked

Dented tins sometimes

Bottom Line:

It is one of the best baby formulas from a global leader in the FMC market. It is a trustable product having years and years of experience in this product manufacturing field and you can never go wrong with this. It’s a brand that is mainly chosen by the billions of customers and sticking it into for a reasonably long period.

2. Novalac Constipation Premium Infant Formula Powder

After consulting the doctor, this Novalac constipation infant formula has proven to be the best tool to soften the baby’s stools. Though it is expensive when compared to other products, the resulting outcome is, as expected, the best.

The best one so far, people settling to this infant formula after their babies suffer from constipation, is the perfect choice they made. This Novalac constipation premium has also ranked as the best baby and toddler formula.

This formula provides all the nutrients and supplements with great taste to the baby, resolving and managing constipation. This can be used as a complete nutritional supplement to breast milk in the earliest months. It has no side effects, but make sure you consult your doctor before using it.

This formula offers excellent relief to a baby through softer and constant stools. It suggests using this product for a short-term period. Get medical supervision if you want to continue the usage of this infant formula.

What we liked

Good for constipation

What we disliked

Not good for sensitive tummy

No reflux effectiveness

Bottom line:

Novalac Constipation premium infant formula is an excellent feed to babies who are suffering from constipation. But using this powder formula, you will notice a significant change in the baby’s health. Starting from easing stomach pains to boosting immunity, this is one of the best baby formulas. There have been no side effects to any babies so far, and it is a highly recommended product. 

3. Aptamil Gold+ 3 Toddler Milk Drink From 1 Year

This Aptamil Gold Toddler milk drink is a premium supplement for babies. It fulfills all the dietary needs of the toddler with its best vitamins and minerals supplements.

This formula tin comes with preparation chart information and a feeding guide that helps make a baby’s perfect blend. Minerals maintain normal cognitive function in babies. Feed your baby daily with this formula as a part of a healthy, varied diet.

Aptamil Gold Toddler milk is a scientifically tested product that gives a unique blend to a formula with its healthy and balanced ingredients. It acts as a backup for the babies’ immunity and growth. The product is very safe to use. Contain enough calcium and vitamin D, which makes the teeth and bone structure stronger.

Aptamil Gold Toddler milk product is way more convenient and cheaper to use, with its range of best quality ingredients and flavor. It has the goodness of 16 vital nutrients that makes this irreplaceable than the others.

However, make sure you check its expiry date and don’t stock up too much on this as it doesn’t have a long shelf life. 

What we liked

Includes 16 essential vitamins & minerals

Omega-3 DHA fatty acids

Yummy flavor

What we disliked

Short shelf life

Bottom line:

Aptamil Gold Toddler milk drink is considered the best toddler formula; apart from its short expiry duration, everything fits perfectly. It has loads of healthy ingredients for a growing toddler. It is a great product if your baby is just starting to get adjusted to baby formulas as it is on the cheaper side and you can decide if this is the permanent one for your baby. Just make sure you purchase a smaller pack because it doesn’t have a long shelf-life.

4. Blackmores Newborn Formula

Blackmores baby formula specially produces to meet the expectations of its customers in the best possible way. It’s a formula that keeps a baby active, healthy, and happy.

The ingredient of this formula is scientifically testified with the validated ingredients OPO and alpha-lactalbumin. No issues are faced if the baby gets switched from other products to this one. It is very light and gentle to the baby’s stomach. Moreover, It does not contain any fishy or oily smell and no artificial flavors. The formula has enough consistency to dissolve well with no foam/bubbles.

Blackmores baby formula is a unique formula blend with natural ingredients which meets the necessities of the babies. It is gluten-free with no sucrose or extra added sweeteners.

Blackmore Newborn Formula is described as the best improvement product over other brands because of its quality delivery.

What we liked

Fulfill all nutritional needs

Includes 25 essential nutrients and vitamins


What we disliked

May take some time to adjust

Bottom line:

Blackmores baby formula is a natural health brand that fulfills the nutritional needs of babies. It satisfies the hunger of the toddler and keeps them active, with a happy stomach and easiness. It is one of the best formulas a toddler can have.

5. Aptamil Profutura 1 Premium Baby Infant Formula

Based on the research, Aptamil Profutura 1 Premium baby product is another Infant formula with the best experience. It is a unique combination of protein-filled ingredients.

As the product considered is the partial or complete substitute for breast milk, many may be concerned about its risk and safety measures before using it. Therefore, it clinically certifies in terms of safety for babies aged birth to 6 months.

Aptamil Profutura formula characterizes various outstanding features, with distinctive developed ingredients that help the toddlers avoid uneasiness, stomach ache, or constipation.

Therefore, this Aptamil Profutura milk formula is scientifically adaptable, and it keeps maintaining the vital trust of their audiences and builds the foundation for the baby’s future.

What we liked

Best breast milk substitute

Preparing instructions

What we disliked

Hard to find stock some times

Bottom line:

Aptamil Profutura 1 premium baby infant formula is a protein-based best formula for babies; this product is scientifically justified and easily trusted, which provides enough early life nutrition to the growing babies.

6. Karicare 1 Baby Infant Formula

Karicare 1 baby infant formula believes to be the right product with no preservatives and complications. It creates a massive difference by its vital supportive ingredients, which significantly impact your little one’s health.

This formula is fed to the babies from birth to 6 months. It consists of enough nutrients and vitamins to support the baby more healthily.

Karicare 1 Baby Infant Formula is free from artificial preservatives. It is enriched with NZ milk and other supportive key ingredients, keeping the little digestion healthy.

Karicare 1 baby infant formula is committed to serving its customers with greatness, making them sustainable in this product field. The packaged tin and scoop are recyclable.

What we liked

Good substitute for breast milk

Suitable for sensitive tummies

No added preservatives

What we disliked

Hydrolyzed protein formulas may lead to constipation

Bottom Line:

Based on reviews, this Karicare baby infant formula is appreciated by toddlers, and that’s why it refers to it as a different and better option than most other products. Best in quality, it ensures proper gut maintenance, which prevents constipation in the babies.

7. Novalac Colic Premium Infant Formula Powder

Novalac colic premium formula is the best everyday nutrition even if your baby does not have any colic issues. It will give quick results, and you may observe the changes in babies’ behavior.

This formula also works for constipation issues. It is a consistent formula that makes the baby stay full for long and ensures a sound sleep. However, you must make sure to shake it well before feeding it to the babies.

The symptoms are gone in a few uses as the baby starts adjusting to it. It maintains the baby’s digestive issue and also supports a healthy gut. 

When you switch to Novalac colic premium formula from the other ones, you will observe your baby’s behavior changes. Slowly, you will notice your child’s mood getting cheerful and receiving good sleep. 

What we liked

Resolves all colic issues

Eases gut discomforts

Promotes healthy gut

What we disliked

May take some time to adjust

Bottom Line:

Novalac colic premium Infant formula already formulates with a skimmed cow’s milk and other solid ingredients, making the procedure nutritionally complete to feed the babies. It supports a healthy gut by easing discomfort, colic issues, and gut problems. As a result, this improves the baby’s immunity and also promotes sound sleep. Gut problems resulting from unhealthy diets and deficiency of nutrition also reduce.

8. Oli6 Goat Milk Infant Formula

Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk is a premium infant formula that ensures total baby development. This formula is nutritionally complete with all the best ingredients required in a balanced diet for a baby.

This formula manufactures a richness of vitamins and minerals, which actively supports and keeps children healthier and happier.

As oli6 goat milk infant formula enriches with goat’s milk benefits, there’s no harm spending some extra to benefit your baby’s tummies extra. Goat milk contains all essential nutrients, including healthy vitamins that support healthy red blood cell development. 

Besides, this formula produced with goat’s milk does not harm or risk or upset babies’ stomachs. The product will boost your baby’s immune system and prevent common illnesses. Overall, it is worth buying it.

What we liked

Benefits of goat milk

Substitute to breast milk

Safe and approved formula for babies

What we disliked

May take some time to adjust

Bottom Line:

Oli6 Dairy Goat Infant Formula is an innovative baby formula suitable for lactose-intolerant children because it is manufactured with goat milk. Through this, toddlers get balanced nutrients and get benefited in their overall body development. Goat milk has a unique nutritional value that can be obtained through cow milk. Moreover, it can also be used as a substitute for breast milk. 

NESTLE NAN SUPREME 1, Starter 0-6 Months Baby Formula Powde

As we know, the Nestle Nan Supreme formula powder product has been serving us through generations, and the company strives to give as best as it can. It is a nutritionally complete balanced formula. 

A low milk supply issue can also resolve through this formula as it tops the baby with its nutritious ingredients. The product contains milk and fish and should not give lactose-intolerant to babies. However, it is ideal for infants who have grown resistant. 

The formula is ready to mix and feed to the baby and comes with an easy preparation guide. It makes it an extremely travel-friendly option if you are carrying your baby with you for a trip. 

What we liked

Hygiene and convenient

Nutritionally complete formula

Best for sensitive tummies

What we disliked

Takes couple of days to adjust

Bottom Line:

Though Nestle Nan Supreme formula powder is considered best for infants, it mostly depends on adapting the baby’s stomach to the product. It should avoid if your baby has lactose-intolerance, but it is one of the best baby formulas if he can adjust to it. 

10. Aptamil Gold+ De-Lact Baby Infant Formula – Best Baby formula for lactose-intolerance

Aptamil Gold+De lact baby infant formula is a highly preferred product recommended for babies aged six months to 1 year as part of a balanced diet. The nutrients included in it are complete to make up for the baby’s needs in its growing years.  

Aptamil Gold+ is a premium lactose-free nutritional supplement. It ensures it is best for infants recovering from diarrhoea and those associated with lactose intolerance. It will also improve his gut condition, promote sound sleep, and encourage overall sound development. 

It is one of the best formulas for infants to assist in normal digestive functioning. It is best for those who are suffering from digestive discomfort issues. You’ll start seeing the changes like resolving colic discomforts as quickly as your baby adapts.

What we liked

Premium lactose-free formula

Assist digestive discomfort

Resolve colic issues

What we disliked

May takes some time to adjust

Bottom Line:

Aptamil Gold+ De lact baby infant formula is worth giving a go. The baby gets adjusted to it quickly because of its lactose-intolerant formula. The child will not suffer from any more bloating or crying pain. This will improve his gut condition, promote sound sleep, and encourage overall sound development. 

Buyer’s Guide – How to choose the Best baby formula

With an endless list of baby formula options in the market, fake marketing propaganda is hard to misguide. In that case, this ultimate buying guide for baby formulas will be your savior. Go through each step carefully to determine which product will be the safest and most ideal for your baby. 

Nutritional Ingredients

When choosing a baby formula for your little heart, the ingredients play the most vital role. Today, there are many different options available from other brands with several elements—the most common ones manufactured from cow milk, goat milk, soy, etc. 

If you consult an experienced pediatrician, he will recommend you to buy one having cow milk. Cow’s milk is the most nutritious supplement for all newborn nutritional needs in the best way. Although, lactose-intolerant babies should avoid this and use a baby formula with goat’s milk in it. 

Other ingredients like potential allergens, etc., are mentioned in the package that should give attention. 


Babies can be allergic to fish, wheat, gluten, lactose, and any other component that does not usually cause allergy in an adult. As a parent, you will know better which ingredients cause an upset stomach in your baby. Read the label, ingredients, allergen warnings on the cover of baby formula before purchasing. 

No matter how nutritious it is, you should not choose a product that may cause discomfort to the baby, like constipation or loose motion. Even lactose is a common allergen for babies. If your baby suffers from lactose-intolerance, Aptamil Gold+ De-Lact Baby Infant Formula will be the wisest choice. 

Balanced diet 

A balanced diet is essential, especially at the growing stage. All baby formulas come with a long list of nutritional amounts present in them. However, very few baby formulas give the 100% nutrients that a baby needs in its growing years. It always recommends that you consult your pediatrician in this matter to choose the best. Avoid new products in the market with unbelievably low rates that promise all kinds of nutritional values. Choose a trustworthy product like NESTLE NAN OPTI PRO 1, a generation-old name serving humanity for several decades. 

Age group

Since different kinds of nutrients necessary in the various stages of growth, the first formula you bought for your 1-month-old baby will not work when he grows up. Each product manufactures different amounts and compositions of essential nutrients for growth and development at a specific age.

Most baby formulas come with markings of suitable age groups containing specific nutrients needed at that age. Plus, most companies have numerous product lines for different age groups. Make sure you choose the correct formula as required for a specific age group. Otherwise, deficiencies in essential nutrients at the growing stage may have adverse effects on your child. 

Expiry date

While choosing a baby formula for your baby, cross-check all expiration dates and validity. Also, don’t stock up too much on these items and buy as and how needed. 

Type of formula

There are mainly three types of formula available in the market today – powdered, ready-to-use, and concentrated liquid formula. Powdered formulas are travel-friendly, most widely preferred options but require mixing with water. Liquid concentrated formulas also need mixing with water. However, liquid formulas don’t need water and risk spillage if you carry it over longer distances. They also have added preservatives that are bad for children. 


You need to be very careful about what you choose for your baby, especially something related to ingestion. Especially during the earlier years of your child, you cannot compromise on the nutritional quality. It is the best newborn baby formula in the market that plays an indispensable role in assisting thein in choosing the best for her child. For a newborn of age 0 to 6, we highly recommend you check out the Nestle Nan Optipro 1, which is hands down the best option. On the other hand, there are no better competitors to Aptamil Gold+ De-lact Baby Infant Formula if you are looking for a lactose-intolerant. 

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