Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans In 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

With compact living spaces coming up, bathroom exhaust fans have become an essential requirement nowadays and almost a necessity for people to buy it. Exhaust removes humidity, bad odor, any chemical from your bathroom very rapidly and efficiently. With so many different options in the market and even more parameters to give weightage to, it is really difficult to choose the one best for your space and specific needs. Hence, in this article, we have broken down the buying guide for a bathroom exhaust fan along with the reviews of the top 10 bathroom exhaust fans in Australia to help you decide on your own.

10 best bathroom exhaust fans Australia

1.  Air King BFQ 140 High-Performance Bath Fan

The Air-King BFQ 140 Well Performing Bath Fan, 120-CFM, BFQ140 is one of the best high-capacity bathroom fans which is available at an affordable price range. This exhaust is much more affordable compared to other bathroom fans without sacrificing the quality and performance. Moreover, it uses plastic housing rather than metal housing which has many benefits for customers.

Its ventilator has a high capacity that is suitable for spaces ranging from 120 to 150 sq ft. It rapidly and efficiently removes odor, moisture, and chemicals from the air in less than 60 seconds and it does not use a lot of energy. Hence, it is also easy on your pocket in the long run without compromising the performance.

The installation process of this product is super easy. And any person with no experience can handle it by himself without any kind of professional help. It comes with all parts that you need at the time of installation of this product. Also, the parts used in the making of this product are certified and long-lasting.

The only two cons are the absence of a built-in light and heater which are negligible. Some of the ventilators have heaters so they can help in cold mornings, but this ventilator does not include a heater. You can install this product directly above your shower. It has a one-year guarantee which guarantees that all the parts will be working, otherwise they will be replaced by the company.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Powerful ventilationNo light
Long-lasting & inexpensiveNo heater
Easy to install 

Bottom Line – This bath fan will be beneficial for those who have a large, spacious bathroom between 120 to 150 sq ft. It has an affordable rate and will last long. Although it has no built-in light or heater, it is said to have a very long-lasting performance. This product is easy to install and can be installed by any person without any experience and it includes all the parts which are used at the time of installation. It is certified for its safety and performance.

2.  Broan-NuTone FGR101S Exhaust Fan

The replacement Grille covers of FGR101S are used for Ceiling Ventilation and are a nice DIY Upgrade for your Fan. The Grille Cover will allow you to easily exchange your old bath fan grille/cover for this ventilation fan.

This product provides powerful ventilation in average bathroom spaces. It removes all kinds of odor, moisture, and chemicals from your bathroom very fast. It works very rapidly and makes your bathroom odor-free in a few minutes.

This product is easy to install compared to most other products in the market as it takes very little time for installation. This product has slimmer profiles which make it easier to install. Another advantage is that this exhaust produces very little sound when it compares to other exhaust fans. Hence, it is ideal if you have babies or aged persons at your home.

However, as a con, there are few complaints about its heater which has the poor heating capacity, i.e, this product does not provide proper heating on cold mornings. Considering you don’t require a heater, this exhaust fan will work the best if you have an average bathroom space.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Ease of installationPoor heating

Bottom Line – This product has powerful ventilation with an in-built heater which is ideal for average bathroom spaces. It is effective in removing odor and humidity in a few minutes and ensures a complete noise-free experience. Although it has a poorly functioning heater, you can rely on it if you don’t require heating functions that much.

3.  AC Infinity RAXIAL S8, Duct Booster Fan

A superiorly built exhaust fan, this has been designed to boost airflow in HVAC systems with high efficiency. This is not only suitable for bathrooms but can also be employed for attics and workshops, primarily any medium to large-sized space. The ducted fan has a superior performance for a long time and gives a complete noise-free experience.

This duct fan is easy to install in your bathrooms (or any other space). It does not take much time for installation and can be done by any beginner who has never done it before. Another huge advantage of this item over other options in the market is its noiseless performance. This duct fan does not produce any kind of sound as opposed to many duct fans that produce loud, disturbing sounds when working.

This fan has been engineered to work under high pressure. Hence, it rotates faster than other duct fans to instantly eliminate all odors, humidity, etc in a few minutes. The only con is it takes up high power as compared to other duct fans and won’t work very well in a low power setting. Some consumers have also reported inaccurate temperature and humidity readings although that’s not very common.

Looking at its performance, it is a robust choice for any household. However, if you are particular about certifications, this may not be a perfect choice as it is not UL certified. This product is not on the list of UL certifications. So it does not cross any kind of safety parameters and sustainability standards. Products like ventilators or duct fans need to be UL certified.      

What we likedWhat we disliked
NoiselessNot certified
Easy installation 

Bottom Line – as the product is easy to install and does not produce any kind of sound, it is overall a great choice. It works faster than most other duct fans and has a high performance. But keep in mind at the time you shop that it may give inaccurate temperature and humidity reading. If you can ignore these minor issues, this is an overall great choice for any medium to large-sized space.

4.  Air King DRLC702 Round Bath Fan with Light

The Round Fan Series combines robust ventilation with additional features like a decorative round grill. The exhaust fan and light are can be wired differently and the system is easily installable using the included hanger brackets. With a single 100- watt maximum light capacity, it is ideal for bathrooms between 70 to 85 sq ft.

The installation process of this product is super easy and any person with no experience can handle it by himself without any kind of professional help.  It comes with all parts that you need at the time of installation of this product. An advantageous feature of this is that it has both left and right horizontal ducting options.

No need to be worried about safety because this duct fan is fully certified too. The parts used in the making of this product are certified and long-lasting. It is certified by most of the important bodies including UL, CUL, and HVI. It accompanies a year-long guarantee which guarantees that all the parts will be working, otherwise they will be replaced by the company.

The few cons it has are not that severe and include lack of built-in bulb and heater. It does not work for  large spaces. If you are looking for a ventilation product for a large space, this should not be under your radar.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Easy installationNo in-built bulb or heater
UL, CUL, HVI certified 

Bottom Line – Overall the product is good as it works for average space bathrooms and it is easy to install and consumes very little power. Most importantly, it is UL, CUL, HVI certified. If you can function without an in-built bulb or heater, this can be well worth a try.

5.  Broan-NuTone AE80LK Flex Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation

Broan-NuTone AE80LK Flex Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation a top choice in bathroom exhaust fans for its highly energy-efficient operation. Working with 80 CFM and 0.7 Sones, it works like a beast to help control air quality and is powerful enough for rooms (including bathroom) up to 75 sq. ft.

Another noteworthy feature of this top exhaust fan is its TrueSeal Damper Technology that eliminates air leakage by 50%. This is the best feature that eliminates cold and warm air backdrafts. This product also has a slimmer profile which makes it easier to install.

This is one of the top choices in bathroom exhaust fans because of its three-year warranty period that gives a huge sense of reliability among consumers. Besides, Broan boasts of award-winning customer service and this product has negligible or nil records of cons.

What we likedWhat we disliked
TrueSeal Damper Technology 

Bottom Line – This product provides powerful ventilation to average bathroom spaces and is superior in all aspects. If you are looking for an all-rounder product that will last the longest, this is the best option to consider given its three-year-long warranty period. This is one of the best exhaust fans in the Australian market.

6.  iLIVING ILG8FV111 Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust DC Fan

The iLiving bathroom ventilation exhaust is built to provide a smart adjustable airflow that is evenly distributed throughout the bathroom. The fan has provisions for you to select the airflow (50, 80, or 110CFM) according to your comfort to create a healthy living space.

This fan is known for its powerful ventilation from 50 to 110 CFM that instantly removes moisture, odor,  and chemicals from your bathroom with minimal power consumption. Moreover, this product is easy to install and takes very little time.

With this product in your bathroom, there’s no need to worry about safety too as it is certified by ETL, ENERGY STAR, AND 2100 HVI. Overall, it is a great choice for a robust exhaust fan for a medium-sized bathroom with long-lasting construction. However, it may sometimes produce louder sounds than usual.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Adjustable speedNot for large spaces

Bottom Line –  overall this is one of the best exhaust fans in Australia and is super easy to install with high performance, adjustable speed. The item is certified by ETL, ENERGY STAR, and 2100 HVI and doesn’t compromise on safety. It is ideal for medium to small-sized bathrooms but not for too big spaces.

7.  Broan-Nutone QTXE110 Ultra-Silent Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Broan QT Series ventilation fan products provide a unique sum of power and super silent. The Broan QT Series has various features like lights, highlights, and heaters. This ventilation fan works efficiently to eliminate humidity, tobacco smoke, and cooking odors.

This product provides average ventilation to small and medium-sized bathroom spaces. It removes any kind of odor, moisture, chemicals from your bathroom very fast and works very rapidly in a few minutes. It runs on 110 CFM and 0.7 Sones and has been crafted to provide continuous performance.

This Broan – NuTone exhaust produces very little sound when compared to other exhaust ventilation methods. This item is safe to use as it is HIV certified,  UL listed for use when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit.The onlycomplaints that have come in the past are of poor heating capacity on cold mornings. Since this feature is not that important as a fan, it can be ignored.

What we likedWhat we disliked
affordablePoor heater

Bottom Line – This product provides powerful ventilation to average bathroom spaces and makes them free from tobacco smoke, odor, humidity, etc. This works satisfactorily at this price point.

8.  Tech Drive Super-Quiet Exhaust Fan

The Tech Drive Super-Quiet Exhaust Fan, aptly named, works to give out negligible sound even on prolonged use. It has a Low profile white grill cover for attaching the fan steel plate housing mounts to the ceiling joists.

It provides ventilation up to 90 sq ft. and it also provides strong air movement. If you are concerned about its quality and safety, it passes all standard checks as it is UL and HVI certified for performance.

Mostly it is used for bathtub or shower as it is formed in a GFCI-protected circuit. Another great feature is that the product comes with a 2-year warranty and thus you are covered in the worst of cases.

The only cons are that the product is somewhat complex to install on your own if you are a beginner. However, overall, it is a great buy in this price range for the amazing features it provides.

What we likedWhat we disliked
noiselessNot easy to install

Bottom Line

UL and HVI certification, noiseless operation, and ventilation for up to 90 sq. ft area makes it ideal for a small to medium-sized bathroom. Its price point is amazing for the features it provides and will last for a long time. Even if it malfunctions, you are covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase which is a great advantage.

9.  Akicon Ceiling Mounted Energy Exhaust Fan

Akicon bathroom fans have better ventilation power that quickly removes polluted air from your bathroom while functioning at super-quiet sound levels so low you’ll not know whether it’s on or not. They are ideal for any household, especially those having kids and aged individuals.

It provides ventilation for bathrooms up to 90 sq ft. and it is recommended for use in an average-sized room. It is easy to install, takes much less time, and can be done by any newbie following the installation guide.

It is energy star qualified, UL and HVI certified for performance guarantee. Moreover, in case of any mishaps, you are covered by a 2-year product warranty from the manufacturer.

What we likedWhat we disliked
2-year warrantyExpensive return policy

 Bottom Line –  The product is overall good as it gives ventilation up to 90 sq ft and has a 2-year warranty. It is effective in its performance, has a quiet operation, and also offers great motor performance. But it is difficult to install according to complaints by some consumers.

10.  ReVent 110 CFM Easy Installation Bathroom Exhaust Fan

ReVent 110 CFM Easy Installation Bathroom Exhaust Fan provides noiseless performance. On the brighter side, it also works on low power usage and doesn’t consume much power.

It gives great ventilation in average bathroom spaces. It is designed to operate in an ultra-quiet mode and it does not produce any kind of sound.

It is UL listed. So you don’t have to worry about any safety concerns or low-quality standards. However, as reported by few consumers, it takes a long time for installation and many difficulties are faced while installing this exhaust fan. So, a newbie should stay away from this task as replacement or return can become a hassle if any component breaks. 

What we likedWhat we disliked
Less power consumptionHassle in replacement or return
certifiedDifficult to install

Bottom Line –  this product will be great for average bathroom spaces as it provides good ventilation by consuming the least power. Its noiseless operation is also ideal for households with kids or aged people.

Buyer’s Guide –  Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

 An Exhaust Fan is essential in closed toilets without ventilation. The Bathroom Exhaust Fan is used to ventilate your space that in turn eliminates excess humidity and bad smells from the bathroom. If you have to choose the Exhaust Fan suitable for your bath, the detailed buying guide is laid down here.

According to its power, we can differentiate two types of Exhaust Fans:

・ Axials: they are installed in a window or outer wall, as they are suitable for reduced ducts. The propeller movement makes it easy for the air to be evacuated outside.

・ Centrifuges. They have greater power and are designed for large evacuation ducts, with a length of up to 50m exits.

Tips for Choosing the Right Exhaust Fan

After knowing the operation of Exhaust Fans, there are several environmental conditions favor the choice of one model or another:

Manual remover

If humidity is high in your area, you can install a manual remover with a switch that you can start and stop when necessary.


A moisture sensor Exhaust Fan is recommended in a bathroom that needs a lot of ventilation and high moisture levels.

If you want to renew the air during the use of the bathroom (recommended option in public toilets), you can install an Exhaust Fan with a presence detector or connected to the light switch. This type of Exhaust Fan will be on whenever someone enters the space.


If you want to adjust the Exhaust Fan at a certain time, you can schedule it with a timer.

Area covered

Some specific features should be considered during the purchase of any exhaust fan. You need a fan according to bathroom size. CFM requirements are needed to be compared between different models according to the bathroom size.

In-built light and heater

Some bath fans include light in it which can be operated through a switch that can be on/off anytime.

Some of the models also include a built-in heater that keeps the bathroom at your desired temperature. The heater can be operated through separate switches. Models with a thermostat keep the temperature according to your desired temperature.

Additionally, you can also purchase power switches for your exhaust fan that includes condensation sensors, timers, switches for fan heater or for light functions.


Fans are also certified by ENERGY STAR and UL. Certification is also essential because products should be tested upon safety measures and susceptibility standards.


All the products mentioned here are the best bathroom exhaust fans available in the Australian market, each having different advantages and disadvantages. Some products have a large capacity to ventilate large spaces while some can only ventilate up to 100 sq ft. While we have discussed all the major parameters you must consider in the buying guide, there are more like budget, longevity, and warranty. Overall, this is the ultimate buying guide you will need to identify the best bathroom exhaust fan that meets all your specific needs. To choose one among all, the Broan-NuTone FGR101S Exhaust Fan is an ideal choice from all aspects.

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