Beard trimmers are a necessity these days among men especially those who travel frequently for job or leisure purposes. Beard trimmers these days come with sophisticated features like memory settings, multiple length settings, high battery life, and so on. If you are looking for an affordable or high-end option, this article lists the 10 best beard trimmers in Australia along with a buying guide that will help you decide better.

10 Best Beard Trimmers in Australia

1.    Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

Braun is one of the topmost brands selling trimmers and comes in a lot of different models that last the longest. This beard trimmer from Braun is made with updated technology compared to the older generation models. This is far sharper, faster, and works efficiently than the previous generation trimmers.

One of its notable features is its 39 length settings that work flawlessly to suit different lengths of beard and bring out a clean trimming experience. These settings are also accompanied by a precision dial that ensures each of these settings works exactly as intended and gives a distinguished result every time.

Plus, you also get lifetime sharp metal blades that ensure you don’t get cuts easily but get a smooth result. These blades are perfect not only for even beard trimming at home but also for perfect hair clipping without professional help. This is ensured by its german technology which gives about 100 mins of non-stop functioning. It is cordless and convenient and works for 100 minutes on an hour of charge.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Good battery lifeExpensive

Bottom line

Though it comes with a hefty price tag, this can be a good one-time investment if you are looking for a cordless trimmer that delivers what it promises. Once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back as it gives a sophisticated trimming experience on beards of all lengths. Moreover, you also get good battery life which is great for travelers.


2.    Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240

The Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240 is known for its flawless contouring results and multifunctionality. You can use it on short, medium, and a long beard – basically, a beard of any length. It has an 11 to 20 mm comb that helps you maintain a beard of any length with perfection.

Carry a clean shave face or a manly bearded face with the Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide razor infused with FlexBall Technology. This in addition to the German technology that is included in most Braun trimmers provides an intuitive trimming experience. The best option is that you can even wash it with water safely without damaging its components that ensure it lasts longer than average trimmers.

It gets fully recharged in only 8 hours and gives a continuous, cordless, convenient trimming time of up to 80 minutes. Plus, it boasts ultra-sharp blades that tear through the thickest hair growth without any hassle or pain. Thus, this can be one of the best options for you if you like to keep different styles of the beard during different times of the year.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Budget beard trimmerEuropean plug
Efficient contouring 

Bottom line

This is a comparatively cheaper model from Braun with almost similar features as the previous one but the longevity is questionable compared to the previous option. It does give superior features like long battery life, cordless trimming experience, good contouring results, and so on. However, it requires careful handling and maintenance to use it for long.

3.    Panasonic Beard Trimmer for Men Cordless Precision Power

This Panasonic Beard Trimmer definitely deserves to be on this list for its superior features and also because of the 2017 GQ magazine grooming award won by it. One of the best features of this award-winning trimmer is definitely its quick-adjust trimmer dial. Through this feature, you can access its comb attachment to use any of its 19 precision settings. These settings are apt for personalized sculpting, trimming, cutting, and detailing.

This Panasonic trimmer comes with an impressive battery life that powers the linear motor of the trimmer. The motor is sophisticated enough to provide 9,800 cuts per minute. It is also a convenient model as it comes with an ergonomic, rubberized grip. You can clean it by rinsing it with warm running water. Hence, it is easy to clean, prevents infections, and ensures the longevity of the trimmer.

The trimmer is cordless and the battery gives up to 60 minutes of continuous use in one charge. The package also includes some additionals like comb attachment, cleaning brush, AC adapter/charger, and universal voltage for frequent travelers. 

What we likedWhat we disliked

Bottom line

The Panasonic trimmer is a great option and one of the best electric trimmers in Australia. It is capable of cutting through the thickest hair growth and has a great battery life to provide a smooth trimming experience. If you can bear the price of the trimmer, this will be a wise long-term investment.

4.    Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor

This is also another superior, award-winning beard trimmer from Panasonic. It features a 5-blade shaving system made to provide high precision. Moreover, the blades are inclined to 30° to prevent cuts and also ensure a clean shaving experience at the same time. The product itself is also convenient, lightweight, and corded which is good for traveling.

It is reportedly Panasonic’s fastest and most powerful trimmer. The title is owed to the sophisticated linear motor that can provide 14,000 cuts per minute using 5 blades. So you can imagine how efficient and fast its action is. Moreover, it has superior sensors that detect beard depth and sets the functionality of the trimmer accordingly to obtain a smooth result with no hassle.

Facial contours, light trimming, clean shave – you can carry all styles with perfection with this superior Panasonic beard trimmer with LCD. The package also comes with a Premium Automatic Cleaning and Charging Station for ease of use.  You can clean dry and charge the shaver using these attachments. Thus, there are no chances of infection from previous use as you are keeping the device fresh and ready each time after use.

What we likedWhat we disliked

Bottom line

This has all the superior features you can ask for in a beard trimmer. Starting from sensors to high-power motors as well as fast charging, this is a great long-term investment. Although the trimmer is expensive, it is totally worth the investment given its high-precision results.

5.    Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000, BT5511/49

Philips is one of the best home appliance brands and their blessings have also reached this domain. The Norelco Beard Trimmer series is superior in all ways as it gives you an effortless and uniform trim to achieve any vision you want. You can now achieve a short, medium, or long beard or even touch up your hairstyle at home without any professional skills.

This trimmer probably provides the largest number of length settings – up to 40 adjustable length settings from 0.4mm to 20mm. This feature is super useful for first-timers as you cannot go wrong with a preset length setting. You also receive 3 additional guard attachments with sharp blades that take care of all your uniform shaving needs.

Last but not least, it comes with an advanced lithium-ion battery with a run-time of up to 90 minutes of cordless use with an hour’s charge. Another convenient feature is that you can also use this trimmer while it is still charging. All washing instructions are included in the pack and it is easy to wash it.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Long-lastingNo electrical adapter

Bottom line

You cannot go wrong with this all-rounder beard trimmer from one of the most loved home-appliance brands. It has all the superior features in an amazing price range which is well within the reach of commoners. This is perfect if you love to switch between different looks and also like doing your grooming all by yourself as it is a long-lasting product and one of the best budget trimmers in Australia.


6.    ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer

Easy to use and highly portable, this cordless trimmer is a grooming tool every man should have. Since 1959 Conair has been manufacturing a wide variety of premium grooming tools. Therefore, it is a brand you can trust. 

This trimmer has three blade levels for trimming around the nose and ears. Also, it includes a shaver attachment so that you can style your beard the way you want with precision. 

One can say that this is one of the best trimmers available in the market. It is convenient to use and very compact, and lightweight. 

As the trimmer is compact in size, it is easy to carry around with you, whether to the gym or when you are going on a vacation. Also, it has a 360 degree beveled blade, which allows for greater accuracy while trimming. 

What we liked What we didn’t like 
Compact and lightweight.Bit expensive
Easy to use. 
Includes shaver attachment.  

Bottom line 

This trimmer by Conair is truly one of their best products. It is very convenient to use and is very durable. Only this trimmer has a 360 degrees beveled blade, which allows for accurate trimming. Therefore, it is a highly recommended product. 


7.    Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer

If you need a trimmer that is different from traditional trimmers, this might be a great option for you. This is equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best performance. This comes with a memory setting which stores the last trimming lengths. 

The Auto Turbo features enable the trimmer to adjust the trimming speed according to the thickness and length of the hair. This trimmer can operate for up to 50 minutes once charged. 

With highly advanced features, this trimmer is fully customizable as per the needs of the user. Hence, making it an incredible product.

Another amazing feature of this is that it can be washed after use. This way, you have a completely clean trimmer ready for use. 

What we liked What we didn’t like 
memory setting.Not long-lasting
Easy to use. 
Long battery life.  

Final verdict

If ease of use is your first priority, then this might be a great choice for you. The features like memory settings and Auto Turbo make trimming easier than ever. Also, all these features are available at a much affordable rate. Therefore, making it a great investment. 


8.    Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260

Extra hair in hard-to-reach places may be a great cause of discomfort for a lot. Staying at home and finding Salon-like solutions can be hard. Braun Beard Trimmer BT5260 is a super-advanced battery-powered trimmer to keep nose and ear hair off. This trimmer has a shaver and detailer attachment that gives a fine quality shave.

It has a precision-dial for 39 length settings that find the most remotely located hair. Washable heads make cleaning easy and keep any worry for infections at bay. It does not affect tender nostril and ear blood vessels and offers a total cut-free shaving experience. If you have superficial blood vessels or you fear getting hurt, this device should be your go-to choice.

This trimmer also avoids any snagging of skin. The fine smooth design coupled with German technology will prevent any discomfort compared to other trimmers that are harder to use. The handle has a hassle-free and smooth design. The device is highly portable and fits in your traveling toiletry kit perfectly. The battery life is impressive too, giving a run-time of 100 minutes (cordless) on one hour’s charge.

What we likedWhat we disliked
39 length settingsCheap material blade
Long battery life 

Bottom line

Coupled with German technology to give a superior trimming experience, this should be your go-to choice if you fear getting hurt by blades. Overall, the price is affordable with great features like length settings, 100 minutes of battery life, ergonomic handle, etc. You can buy this if you are looking for a decent-quality product within affordable ranges.


9.    Remington MB4900 Beard Boss Trimmer

This beard trimmer is like a personal beard stylist. A salon-like finesse is expected from Remington MB4700 SmartBeard Trimmer as the name goes elevates a simple trimmer to a smart trimmer. Even, smooth, and tidy trimming experience is offered by its smooth blade movement. It gives space for you to explore various beard styles. The motorized comb is 100% waterproof. So you can use it in the shower and it is also easy to clean.

Its lithium batteries last the longest among trimmers listed in this article. Cord/cordless usage lasts up to 5 full hours of run time on a single charge. It can be easily switched between different speeds according to users, beard thickness, and hair that needs to be removed. It makes it an ideal partner for travel.

What we likedWhat we disliked
CordlessMotor may malfunction after sometime
100% waterproofNot long-lasting


Bottom line

Though not a long-lasting pick, it has superior battery life, performance, and speed adaptability. You get satisfactory trimming experience for the years it runs good but the motor may malfunction on prolonged use or improper handling. Overall, it delivers what it promises in this price range and can be considered to be a satisfactory purchase.

10.                  Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100

This Philips Trimmer is probably the cheapest trimmer on this list. It requires only 2 AA batteries and can also be used with Polaroid AA batteries. Thus, it is convenient to use, handy, and travel-friendly where you don’t need to purchase an international adapter. Since it runs on batteries and is a cheap investment, it reportedly lasts for a satisfactorily long time.

It has an integrated skin protector that protects your skin while trimming and provides protection against cuts. Moreover, its trimmer blade is bi-directional which means it can seamlessly cut hair in both directions using its 3mm comb. Hence, you can comfortably cut beards of any length and even hair – short, medium, or long.

Another super handy feature is that it is showerproof. So, you can use it in the shower and also clean it easily. Overall, it is a satisfactory buy in this price range.

What we liked What we didn’t like 
Compact and lightweight.Not long-lasting
Easy to use. 
Runs on battery 

Bottom line

Getting your hands on a battery-run beard trimmer is best for those who travel and don’t want to invest in an international adaptor. This option is best as it lasts for a satisfactorily long time compared to the price you are paying. Just pop in 2 AA batteries and you are good to go.

Best Shaving trimmers – Buying guide

There are several Shaving trimmers in the market, trying to make their space in the list of best trimmers. But choosing a trimmer based on your needs can be a bit of a struggle as there are countless trimmers with almost the same features. Our buying guide for the best shaving trimmers will help you out with all your queries about the trimmers. So just hold back tight and pass on to our Guide guide.

Here are some important points that are needed to be kept in mind while buying a trimmer :


The first point that we consider while buying any electronic item is the brand. The trimmer is something that we use for shaving the most valuable part of our body, i.e our face. So we recommend using well-known and trusted brands as they mostly have worked with professionals so they know the requirements of our skin.

Type of Trimmer

The trimmers fall into two different categories and you can easily choose them according to your need.

  1.  Foil trimmers: They are mostly used in the earlier trimmer and usually cost less. They come with a thin curved metal foil film on the head of the trimmer under which there are two sets of blades moving back and forth. They can give you a clean shave and are very easy to clean, but they only move in two directions, vertical and horizontal, and make a little amount of noise as well.
  • Rotary trimmers: These trimmers are newcomers and are more precise than the foil trimmers. They come with rotor blades on the head of the trimmer that cut the hair by rotating the blades. They are more flexible around curves and thick hairs and operate with complete silence. They are not ideal for clean shaves and it is a bit of a struggle to clean them.

Cord or Cordless

The trimmers usually come in two types, wired or rechargeable. You need to choose it according to your lifestyle and usage. If you are a corporate person and have a daily routine of 9 to 5 work, then you must go for a wired trimmer, and if you are a wanderer and love to travel then you must go for wireless trimmers so that you can charge it and use it on the go.

Build Quality

Another most important point to remember while buying a product is the build quality. Whether it will last long or not, how is the design, etc. You must go for a trimmer with a stainless steel blade and solid grip control.

Battery charging time and runtime

Most of the trimmers have a charging time of 4-5 hrs to 60-40 mins. You should always choose a branded trimmer which charges quickly and you don’t have to wait for more.

Runtime is one more significant point, you must choose a trimmer with a minimal runtime of 1-1.5 hrs. Only a good branded trimmer can provide you this amount of runtime so choose wisely. 


The amount you will invest in your trimmer will decide its features and battery capacity. You should avoid the cheap trimmers and go for the budget ones as they work fine and also stays for long periods.


By now, you must have understood the common features that top brands of beard trimmers offer and how to filter the one best for you. These 10 best beard trimmers in Australia are the go-to choices of the mass and you can never go wrong with them. From budget pick to high-end sophisticated features, our list is a cunning compilation of all and will help you make the best decision along with the buying guide.

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