Car vacuum cleaners are absolutely necessary with so much pollution these days and for owners having kids or pets, it is almost indispensable. So for your ease, we have reviewed the 10 best car vacuum cleaners in Australia along with a crisp buying guide to help you decide the best one according to your needs.


1.     Black+Decker PD1820L-XE

The Black Decker rightly deserves to be placed first in this list because of its high-performance motor providing maximum cleaning by consuming the least power. It is ideal for the intense cleanup tasks that take comparatively less time than other car vacuum cleaners.

It’s patented motor has a unique filter design and lithium battery technology. Moreover, it is engineered to be compact in size and lightweight to consume the least power while delivering more.

Being cordless in function, it is super handy in use. You can effortlessly clean hard-reaching areas in your vehicle with cyclonic action and triple action filtration. This ensures a long life of the product as well as high performance. Last but not least, it is designed with an eco-smart charge in under 4 hours.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Eco smart chargeexpensive

Bottom line

Being a lack and Decker collaborated product, you can never find any issues in using this item for the longest time. While it is a bit on the expensive side, it provides all the top-notch features you can expect in such a pricey product. Overall, it is a good investment because it has a long life.

2.     Baseus Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Built out of aircraft-used alloy, the Baseus is a top pick among all popular car vacuum cleaners in Australia. The patented design also boasts of powerful suction. This is a cordless cleaner and hence is a great option for you if you’re looking for one. One thing to note is that it requires a normal 3.0 car charger for charging.

Since it is devoid of cords, it can be moved to any corner without any hassle. It is also easy to wash and clean as it consists of a stainless steel metal cover coupled with quick-drying non-woven fabric. All these superior build materials make this vacuum cleaner a very durable, rust-free, washable, and quick-drying option.

Lastly, you also don’t need to worry about its battery life as it is equipped with three 18650 batteries. The vacuum cleaner can function continuously for over 21 minutes in one charge which takes a lot less time than most other cleaners.

What we likedWhat we disliked
CordlessLoose nozzle
Very durable 

Bottom line

The Baseus Cordless Car vacuum is a robust and long-lasting cleaner with high suction performance. It also gets charged quite fast to provide a long 21 minutes of continuous powerful suction. So, overall, it is a great buy if you have a lot of use of car vacuum since it is likely to last for a long time also.

3.     CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

A professionally built deep cleaning vacuum, the Cherylon is a popular corded car vacuum cleaner in Australia. It has a powerful suction powered by a powerful 150W motor that has a rotational speed of up to 32000 rounds/minute. So, you can use this car vacuum to clean every inch of your vehicle in no time. This is an affordable option compared to professional cleaning sessions and saves a lot of money.

This finds broad application in your daily life besides cleaning your car and you can employ this to clean dust, hair, pet hair, and other debris easily. It can be rotated according to the corner you are cleaning through its multi-angle and reached very deep. A 16.4-foot power cord also makes sure there are no problems in cleaning.

Other than the vacuum cleaner itself, you get other things inside the package including a long tube, slot pipette, extended hose, different nozzles, and much more. What’s more, is you also receive 24-month full support from the manufacturer’s customer service team. Overall, it is a great buy as the size is compact and makes it easy to store or carry anywhere you want.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Powerful suctionCorded
24-months support 

Bottom line

Cherylon car vacuum cleaner is a highly powerful suction apt for a car of any size. The only drawback maybe it is corded if you are looking for a cordless cleaner. However, the cord is long enough and doesn’t pose a problem with cleaning. The other features such as powerful suction, 24-months assistance, different nozzles, etc are also great for any car owner.

4.     ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorx is one of the top brands that manufacture car vacuum cleaners in an affordable range with sophisticated functionality. This product too is an impressive piece apt for cleaning any litter inside your vehicle. From mud to dirt and paper crumbs, nothing can stand a chance in front of this. This is a corded cleaner with a long 16ft of cord that makes it super easy to reach any corner of your car. It can be plugged into a 12V port and functions at a high speed. A built-in LED light along with other features makes it a top choice.

This is a consumer-friendly option because it comes with a convenient ergonomic handle. Plus, you can easily glide it inside any corner because of its intelligent flat bottom design. Clean under the seat or beside the window, it’s all a cakewalk now. It consumes minimal power to what it delivers and can be called very energy-efficient compared to other cleaners. You can plug it into your car’s battery and enjoy continuously long and effective cleaning to make your car look shining.

You get three unique nozzles included in the pack that are designed to meet different cleaning needs and reach different depths. The long list of advantages still doesn’t end here as you get one full year of warranty. ThisWorx is committed to customer satisfaction and building brand reliability hence you are always covered with satisfactory customer service besides the manufacturer warranty.

What we likedWhat we disliked
1-year warrantyCorded
Efficient cleaning 

Bottom line

There are literally no cons of this product and you can very well consider this as one of the best car vacuum cleaners in Australia. Besides the fact it is corded, you will not regret investing in it for all of its sophisticated features. From high efficiency to 3 different cleaning nozzles, 1-year warranty, you will be fully satisfied.

5.     FineInno Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Measuring only 3.1inchX2.4inches in size, this vacuum has a crisp size to conveniently carry and store anywhere you want. It can even fit inside your vehicle’s dashboard. Furthermore, its small size makes it extremely handy and effective to move around and reach the narrowest corners for effective cleaning.

If you are looking for a cordless, battery-powered vacuum, this can be a great pick owing to its affordable price tag and the convenient features it offers. Being cordless makes it easy to move around and not worry about cord lengths. With only two batteries, it can be used conveniently wherever you want it.

Besides a car, you can also use this tabletop vacuum cleaner to pick up crumbs, dirt, pet hair, small fruit seeds, grit, and clean your car’s seats. It’s suitable for all kinds of light cleaning needs in the home, office, and cars. On the brighter side, if you are worried about the disturbing noise most car vacuum cleaners make, shed that fear away. This FineInno vacuum has a high-quality motor that works quickly and efficiently but without any noise. Hence, this product is a great choice among many vehicle owners. 

The mini vacuum cleaner comes in lovely compact shapes designed to give high performance for the longest time. Hence, it is considered to be a perfect gift for any person having cars or pets at home. The price tag is rather cheap for the high price-performance ratio it provides.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Very cheapNot long-lasting
Compact size 

Bottom line

You are really lucky if it lasts for more than a year however for most consumers, it has lasted around half-a-year or 9 months. The rather cheap price tag justifies this and despite this minor con, it has a high-performance, produces low noise, and has long battery life. So if you are a student and want a cheap option to invest in for a decent time, this will serve you well.

6.     MECO Mini Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

The MECO Mini is popular for its extraordinary suction capabilities. This rechargeable vacuum cleaner has a massive 2000mAh Li-battery that lasts for a satisfactorily long time and is capable of cleaning most interior corners of your car. Apart from a car, you can also use it to clean dust, hairs, crumbs, etc from laptops, mechanical keyboards, pet houses, and so on.

The cordless feature is handy and provides a hassle-free experience. This rechargeable Li-battery cleaner is easy to use after only 200 minutes of charging time. Like other models, this too offers 2 different vacuum nozzles to reach the interior-most corners of your vehicle. The flat nozzle is built to suction little paper crumbs while the brush nozzle is for dry ash and dust.

You also get an effective filter system so that you can empty the dust collector by just opening it and discarding everything. The filter media is also waterproof and can be washed with clean water for reuse. Most importantly, the portable handheld size is perfect to carry it anywhere. The vacuum literally measures only 8.46 x 5.31 inches and allows easy storage and carrying.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Compact sizeNoisy
Waterproof filter 

Bottom line

This is a perfect gift for anyone because of its consumer-friendly features. It is handy, compact, and cordless which ensures a smooth hassle-free experience and eliminates cord-related troubles. Moreover, the cleaning features are super simple and easy which makes it a long-lasting product.

7.     Banaton Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Banaton Car vacuum cleaner is known for its super-strong suction powered by a mighty 106W motor. This vacuum can be flawlessly used to clean both wet and dry areas of your car as it can suction all kinds of waste like dirt, dust, pet hair, gravel, and much more.

It accompanies three different nozzles – brush, Long Soft Tube, and Long Mouth that are super handy in cleaning every corner of your car in no time! The only con is it is not cordless however its 16.4FT power Cord is long enough for all kinds of cars. You can also use it in the dark without any problems in seeing clearly as it comes with a LED display.

The best feature of this in-car vacuum cleaner is its trash container and lid. Its trash bin can shut off to prevent trash spillage all over your car. Another handy feature is that the trash container is transparent and lets you know when it’s full. You can also store it in any small cabin because of its compact and lightweight construction.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Both dry and wet trashImproper hair suction
Transparent trash can 

Bottom line

It may take some time to get adjusted to its functioning but once you get used to it, there’s no going back. The vacuum is lightweight and easily storable in any space in your car. Moreover, its transparent trash can and utility for both dry and wet trash are super convenient features at this price point.

8.     Audew Cordless Handheld car Vacuum

Audew handheld vacuums have the perfect suction performance because of their built-in cyclone technology. These are not only efficient in cleaning dust and minute paper bits but also small stones and liquids. This powerful vacuum for a continuously long time is sure to keep your car clean and shining.

This Audew handheld vacuum functions continuously for 25-30 minutes on a single charge and takes around 3-5 hours to fully charge. Quick Charge Technology and Charging Protection is a great feature combined with its 2200mAh lithium-ion battery at this price point. However, the charging time is a bit longer compared to the performance time it provides in one charge. On the brighter side, the charging system provides a guard against over-voltage, over-current, and also overheating.

This handheld vacuum cleaner finds broad function in the household too besides a car. It has 3 kinds of attachments – a crevice nozzle, brush nozzle, and soft long tube. Each of these is best for different cleaning needs. The construction of the filter is superior and is made of stainless steel and sponge which are washable and corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, it is super easy to remove the dust from the filter and takes only a press of the button. You can easily press the release button to take off the HEPA filter and remove all dirt. You can also use water to thoroughly clean it but ensure it is completely dry before you put it back again. If you choose this vacuum cleaner, you are covered by a 12-month 100% free manufacturer warranty and a 45-day refund.

What we likedWhat we disliked
Washable and reusable filternoisy
12-month warranty 

Bottom line

If you are looking for a fairly satisfactory vacuum function with a long-lasting life, this can be a good choice as its cleaning mechanisms are superior that ensures its longevity. However, as a con, its charging time is 3-5 hours which only provides 20-30 minutes of continuous suction.

9.     Dealswin Cordless Mini Portable Vacuum Cleaner

This Portable Vacuum Cleaner works on a lithium battery that guarantees long life and excellent performance. This mini cleaner can function continuously for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. This makes it very easy to use without any hassles or cord. Moreover, its washable filter, nozzle, and brush keep its longevity intact.

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction capability with a rated output power of 8W. Plus, its two side air vents eliminate heat by radiation. The cordless features are ideal to eliminate all hassles of corded vacuums. It is compact in size, lightweight, and is extremely convenient to carry anywhere you go. The package includes the USB data line needed for charging so that you can plug into a USB port anywhere anytime.

This mini vacuum has two replaceable nozzles for meeting different cleaning needs. The flat nozzle can suction small pieces of dirt while the brush nozzle can suction dry ash and dust. The best part is that this vacuum finds broad application in your daily life. It is a multi-functional cleaner and can be used for a desktop/ laptop/ keyboard/ air container’s vent or any other place besides using it in a car.

What we likedWhat we disliked
2 nozzles 

Bottom line

This is a perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning cars and using it in other spaces. Its battery gives a long-lasting performance and there are no hassles of cords so you can conveniently move it around any space you want. The only con is it is a bit noisy which is true for most vacuum cleaners and can be neglected.

10.UNIWA Car Vacuum Cleaner

The UNIWA is a high-performance and efficient car vacuum with robust features. This corded handheld car vacuum has fast and easy cleaning so it is an ideal choice for any car. With 6KPa more suction pressure, the 150W high-performance motor cleans every corner of the car efficiently. This is a long-lasting option and hence is an impressive gift for anyone who travels a lot.

The vacuum has 2 washable filters that are detachable. This is a very good advantage over other car vacuum cleaners. The filters work by layered filtration and make dust removal more efficient. The detachable dust cup head is also ideal for quick trash removal. This not only cleans the car to add shine to it but also adds life to the vacuum as it lasts longer.

The UNIWA portable vacuum cleaner gives you three options of cleaning through its 3 different nozzles to meet different cleaning needs. Overall, it is a great buy at this price point as it is long-lasting, high-performing, and efficient.

What we likedWhat we disliked
3 cleaning nozzlesContinuous use clogs the filter
2 washable filters 

Bottom line

The UNIWA is a great choice in an affordable range because of its high performance. As it is corded, it won’t run out of power while in use and ensures smooth cleaning of different areas inside the car efficiently using its 3 different nozzles. The cleaning process is also pretty simple and straightforward. Overall, it is a recommended buy by most consumers.



A car vacuum cleaner is an essential device for any car owner, especially if you have kids and pets traveling in your car on a regular basis. It comes really handy to clean remote areas of your car efficiently. These are some of the top parameters you must keep in mind while choosing a top car vacuum cleaner:


Whether or not it is cordless, the overall performance of the product must be superior with powerful suction. This will not cause issues on long-term use and will be a justified investment.


Most consumers are comfortable in cordless vacuums as they are handy and can be moved to reach any deep area. However, if you are more comfortable in corded ones, go for it.


The budget is a major parameter in these kinds of regular but long-term use devices. You can get satisfying options within $50-$70 that are also long-lasting. If you want nothing but the best one but a budget car vacuum cleaner, consider the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner.

Other parameters like the number of nozzles and power consumption are some of the important parameters which you must bear in mind.


This was our list of the top 10 best car vacuum cleaners in Australia reviewed based on different parameters. Overall, the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best ones on an affordable range while the Black and Decker Cordless is one of the best ones on a higher end. The ultimate decision should be yours as to what you require and our buying guide should be enough to guide you through this process.

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