Looking for a robust air cooler cum purifier to beat the Australian heat? Here are our top 10 picks with the best price-performance ratio and the most innovations that will blow your room with a cool breeze every time you switch it on. While these are among the best air coolers in Australia, the one you choose should purely depend on the features and your specific needs. In this regard, we highly recommend you go through our detailed buying guide on how to choose the best air cooler which will eliminate all your confusion and help you make a learned decision.

1. PureAirToday HEPA Air Purifier and Evaporative Cooler

With a smart memory and Hepa filter, this provides fresh air every minute of its action. 

Once you get the hang of this PureAir Today HEPA Air Purifier, there will be no competitor to it. This product is surely gonna work up to your expectations. It is effortlessly easy to operate and keeps the air fresh and cool.

It is very rare nowadays to find the product which matches your expectations. Using this product will exceed your level of satisfaction and gratification. It is one of the best air filters for tackling unbeatable Australian heat.

It’s no less than a jackpot of having a product with a remote and an evaporative cooler as well. Say bye to all the infections and allergies with its HEPA filter mechanism. Plus, its smart auto-detection mode, auto shutdown system, 110W of cooling power are a bonus that will automatically switch on the machine by detecting temperature levels.

PureAir Today HEPA Air Purifier and Evaporative Cooler makes cleaning and instantly cools your environment with its 4 custom modes. It is a highly recommended product for breaking the intense summer heat. You can easily tag it as one of the best air purifiers to date with minimal and super easy maintenance. 

What we liked

Smart auto-detection mode

10-hour cooling capacity

Convertible vents

What we disliked

Occupies large area

Bottom Line:

PureAir Today HEPA Air Purifier and Evaporative Cooler is the wisest choice if you suffer from dust allergies, sinus problems, or have pets at home. Within a few hours of using it, you will notice a huge change in the air around you. You’ll be pleased with its cleaning effect and soothing air which is brought about by its convertible vents. 

2. Devanti Evaporative Air Cooler – Best air cooler for traveling

Devanti evaporative air cooler possesses 3-in-1 functions. By adding a few drops of fragrant oil to it will keep your air fresh apart from filtering dirt. The only thing you need to take care of is to keep up with the water to keep the device running for long and in good condition.

Using this air filter requires special attention to certain aspects. Do care to check if the filling tank is properly closed to avoid drain leakage. It has a fan type Axial which covers 20-30m square area room. It is easily movable because the purifier is fitted with 4 lockable castor wheels. 

To keep the efficiency of cooling longer, the purifier has the sufficiency to add ice too. You will be amazed at its features in this price range. Devanti evaporative air cooler is one of the best air filters in Australia to combat the summer season. It is also travel-friendly because of its super crisp size and it can be moved to anywhere you go. The size is truly impressive and overall it is a great product to go for.

What we liked

Energy-saving mode

Huge 45L tank

Long-lasting coolness

What we disliked

Somewhat noisy

Not suitable for a very large living space

Bottom Line:

Devanti evaporative air cooler is a product with a top ice compartment facility that keeps you cool constantly by spreading air through every area in your room. It is built with a crisp size and is easily movable to anywhere you go for a vacation. This is a highly recommended product for small areas if you want to spend less and receive more comfort. 

3. Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus EV-1500 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

Evalight Plus EV-1500 evaporative air cooler is a very effective cooler, especially for very hot and dry climates. Its construction is very superior with long-lasting features. The control features work well as opposed to many other popular models that stop responding after sometimes.

This evaporative air purifier is so small that it can be carried to any vacation. This air purifier is compact but the features are expectant with its stylish structure, enlarged water tank which is leakage proof.

Evapolar Evalight Plus EV-1500 evaporative air cooler refreshes and chills the air. Simply add the water then plug it into the power supply. Now you are ready to experience the best air cooling effect of the generation.

What we liked

Leakage proof


Removable tank

What we disliked


Bottom Line:

Though this Evapolar Evalight Plus EV-1500 Air cooler is very light and travel-friendly, it is a bit expensive. On the other hand, its performance is incomparable and it is quite easy to operate and set up. It is a great choice because of its convenient features like a removable tank and leakage-proof service. It is said to be very good for a small baby area, and personal use.

4. Tors+Olsson 42249 T200 Evaporative Cooler

Tors+Olsson 42249 T200 evaporative Cooler is a leading product whose motive is to serve the customers with innovative and specialized features to satisfy their audiences. 

This air cooler leads with a T200 evaporative combination of perfect performance and of great quality. Also, it is very handy to use, especially very easy to operate during the night.

Tors+Olsson 42249 T200 evaporative Cooler is an excellent product with a very convenient airflow range and suitable features. The 3 modes normal, natural, and sleep enabling wind modes create a very easy and comfiness environment. 

Auto horizontal and manual vertical airflow functions allow easy setup according to your convenience. What’s more? It has an infallible 1-9 hour timer function impressing crowds with its unique digital sensitive display for viewing. 

What we liked

Sensitive touch display

Includes a turbo function

3 modes and horizontal/vertical functions

What we disliked

Fluctuations in airflow

Bottom Line:

Tors+Olsson 42249 T200 evaporative Cooler is a purifier with good quality construction designed superiorly to be the best for compact areas. It is a highly recommended product if you are sensitive and have allergies, breathing issues, sinus problems, or other conditions.

5. Devanti Portable Fan Cooler – best air cooler for compact areas

Devanti portable fan cooler is constructed with 3-in-1 specialized application. This air product is portable to carry with you on vacation which is a great advantage. It spreads as a very cool breeze which perfectly flows in a room of compact size.

This portable air cooler is a very optimal choice to cool your room because of its built-in handles and a caster wheel that keeps your environment fresh and cool wherever you are. 

Though this air cooler is smaller in size, it has the ideal cooling effect in any heated environment. Plus, what’s better is it’s minimal power consumption. The consumption of energy is fairly low. It has a smarter cooling technology with a handy remote which you can set accordingly. It also has a dehumidifier function.

Devanti portable fan coolers also possess an additional water vaporization system where there’s no need to empty the water tank. You can also set it to work for a pre-set number of hours as it has a 24-hour timer. This is definitely a top choice to consider to combat the Australian heat.

What we liked

24-hour timer

Convertible mesh filter

Minimal power consumption

What we disliked

Only for compact areas

Bottom Line:

Devanti portable fan cooler is a very good product for smaller areas at a very good price. If you are looking for a timer in-built option that also consumes less power, this is definitely a top choice to consider in Australia.

6. GREATSSLY Air Cooler

Greatssly Air Cooler is an elegant-looking portable mini air conditioner fan. Though it’s a bit more expensive than other popular options, it helps you save a lot in the long run. It has a super cool energy-saving function which consumes less power and reduces your electricity bill.

The only con that we noticed was with the refilling system. Even upon refilling the cooler with cold water, the cooling effect may not feel enough after some time.

This air cooler is multifunctional with three wind speeds and it also humidifies the air and purifies the environment. It has the feature of 7 colors of LED warm lighting. 

Therefore, this air cooler has some of the basic features only. But it’s not worth the price tag for regular use but can be a great option if you want to use it occasionally.

What we liked

Healthy and cool ambient purification

Energy-saving mode

Mini and portable

What we disliked


Not good for rough use

Bottom Line:

Greatssly air cooler is a small air conditioner fan good for occasional uses or vacations. Its mini and compact design makes it perfect for traveling. This product also has a convenient mode for saving energy and proves to be good for health. It is a great humidifier that beats the heat and also has low noise. But it is not recommended for long-term rough use as it may start malfunctioning after some time.

7. Yescom Evaporative Air Cooler

Yescom Evaporative Air Cooler is a portable Air Conditioner Fan air with a humidifier and air handy control. It has a copper inbuilt motor and a 7L water tank capacity which is enough to keep the air cool for a long time in the Australian weather.

The air cooler has a touch screen with easily adjusting modes, and you can conveniently control the speed and timer with a simple tap or click. It has a convenient timer with a maximally of 7.5 hours.

This air cooler has an adjustable blind with a 120° of left-right swing and manual up-down swing. It has a transparent window on the front side which makes you see the water level clearly and conveniently. A cooling pad and 2 ice boxes are also included in the package.

This Yescom Evaporative Air Cooler is a simple and easy to operate option with a remote controller and a convenient touch screen display. It has a dust filter that purifies the air to make fresh and cool wind. You can definitely consider this option for long-term use in the Australian heat.

What we liked

7L water tank capacity

Three fans and air modes

7.5 hours of timer

What we disliked

Cooling temperature may not be sufficient

Bottom Line:

Yescom Evaporative Air Cooler is a top choice for cooling small areas and also to carry in vacations as it is compact and portable. The price tag is comparatively fair given its useful features and performance. This can be a great addition to your home in the summer vacations.

8. HYD-Parts Bladeless Evaporative Cooler

The HYD-Parts bladeless evaporative cooler comes with 3 modes and speeds to circulate fresh and cool air all over your room. It also has 3 fan models with 40-degree oscillations which ensures every corner of the room receives enough fresh air.

This cooler also has a fresh indoor breeze and a capacity to spread a smooth stream of airflow. It also safely purifies and humidifies the air so you can breathe freshly.

HYD-Parts bladeless evaporative cooler comes with a wide range of options ranging from natural, sleep to normal. Having a touch button on the top panel is a convenient feature. 

This air cooler fan serves to be the best with their provided ice packs. It will make your sleeping much easier and comfortable in the burning heat.

What we liked

Bladeless cool tower fan

1-gallon water tank

40 degrees spreading of air

What we disliked

An issue with smart plugs

Bottom Line:

This HYD bladeless is tested as safe around kids, pets, and aged also while purifying the surroundings. This product offers a 1-year validity with the time of the purchase of your fan and also has several convenient features. From a wide range of cooling options to even humidification of air, this has an incomparable performance.

9. De’Longhi, Evaporative Cooler

De’Longhi Evaporative Cooler is very ideal for dry and heat climates by creating a balance by producing fresh air and preventing humidity levels to drop. This in turn results in a healthier environment.

This air cooler lets you breathe cleaner and ideal air while enjoying a naturally cooled environment. It has 4 modes of speeds – fan, low, medium, and high which you can set according to your mood and enjoy to the fullest.

The filter system has the feature to collect and sterilize dust particles, enhancing the purification, which improves your basic well-being. This has an enlarged 5.5-liter water tank also.

This cooler is one of the best for indoor cooling, but make sure it is settled and positioned in front of an open space or window. Also, the windows must be closed to maintain the humidity inside and to prevent the air from becoming dry.

What we liked

Purifies the air

7 – ½ H countdown timer

5.5L water tank

What we disliked


Sometimes over humidifies the air

Bottom Line:

There’s a high chance of you adoring this evaporative cooler. All credits to the 4 efficient wind modes with the comfort of sleeping peacefully at night. It is an ideal cooler that humidifies the air perfectly.

10. Remote controlled 10 Liter Evaporative Cooler

This remote-controlled 10-liter evaporative cooler is a very easy way to breathe fresh and purified air. It proves to be very efficient for small or medium-sized personal spaces.

This product does work decently and has very good and perfectly-timed delivery of fresh air at large mode. It can also be carried along with you as it is designed in a portable way. It is a very safe option to use for people who are already suffering from various allergies and breathing issues.

This cooler works as an absorbent of heat from the air to lower your room temperature. It also removes the impurities and refreshes the air removing all the stinky smells on a humid day. It also moisturizes and keeps your surroundings cool. Take a deep breath and feel the difference  of clean, fresh air cycling through your home through a portable evaporative cooling system.

This product serves as a controlled evaporative cooler that works flawlessly to chill, humidify, and purify the natural air. It can be easily moved from room to room with its portable wheel feature. 

What we liked

10-liter water tank

Touch panel

7.5-hour timer

What we disliked

Not too good for dry areas

Bottom Line:

This remote-controlled 10-liter evaporative Cooler works as expected. This cooler is of decent quality. A perfect choice for using it in a BBQ area, easy to operate as well. You can choose to carry it while traveling as well.

Buyer’s Guide – How to choose the Best Evaporative Cooler

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a premium evaporative cooler for a hot area. Out of these, few important parameters are performance, modes, timer, capacity, warranty, controls, and so on. 


The first weightage must be given to the performance of the cooler in real life. Is it efficient in humidifying the air properly? Is it ideal for smaller areas or bigger compartments? Apart from that does it offer the promised level of cooling effect and purification? These are some major questions you must read about a specific product from specifications and customer reviews to help you decide better. Overall, the PureAirToday HEPA Air Purifier and Evaporative Cooler offer a great cooling effect for medium and bigger-sized rooms.


The budget is a major parameter when you go for air cooler shopping. Look for real-life experiences of the cooler from consumers who have used it. This way you can determine which model is actually overpriced for the performance and longevity it provides. You can then make a wise choice according to the price-performance ratio.


Some air coolers have only three basic modes of fan – low, medium, and fat. Others have some added modes as well like turbo which is great for high dry areas. Tors+Olsson 42249 T200 Evaporative Cooler has 4 modes to control the speed and intensity of cooling.


Another important feature is if the cooler has an in-built timer for cooling. Normally, an option with 7 to 9 hours of a timer is enough. However, you will also find options having 10-12 hours of timing setting options. So, you can switch it on and go back to sound sleep and worry about the temperature and cooling. Yescom Evaporative Air Cooler has a great timer function of 7.5 hours.


If you have a large space, an air cooler with a larger capacity is preferable. For example, the Devanti Evaporative Air Cooler with a whopping 45L tank is unbeatable in its capacity. On the other hand, if you want a decent capacity cooler to last in a medium-sized room, a 7L or 10L capacity is enough as in the Remote controlled 10 Liter Evaporative Cooler


Many manufacturers provide a warranty of 1 to 2 years while others do not provide any warranty. Since air coolers are highly sensitive and may start malfunctioning on rough or daily use, a warranty will have your back. 


Lastly, for convenience, a remote-controlled air cooler is always better than buttons. Furthermore, buttons on the device often don’t work after some time. 


All the air cooler models mentioned here fall under the 10 best air coolers in Australia, each for a different feature and specification. However, it primarily depends on you which one meets your needs. If you want an all-rounder air cooler for rough use, the PureAirToday HEPA Air Purifier and Evaporative Cooler should be your first consideration. On the other hand, compact and lightweight models like the Devanti Evaporative Air Cooler are ideal for smaller areas as well as traveling.

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